Kizann Home Care Company has been providing compassionate at-home patient, senior, elderly, hospice, and psychiatric care services in Metro Detroit since 1997.

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Kizann Home Care Company has been providing compassionate at-home patient, senior, elderly, hospice, and psychiatric care services in Metro Detroit since 1997.
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About KizAnn Home Care

KizAnn Home Care was founded in 1997 by KizAnn Drinosky and Ralph Zolin.

For many years, KizAnn Drinosky had a dream of starting a home care company staffed with compassionate, honest, dependable nurse aides who reflected her own beliefs and values. KizAnn was motivated to start this company because of her past experience with other caregivers who often relieved her shift. Some of these folks acted as if it was only a job, rather than a person they were caring for. KizAnn's company philosophy, about treating patients as if they were your own has surpassed even Home Health Care standards and practices. They simply go out of their way to provide the best personalize service for families while keeping the patient safe, secure and stable.

Ralph was an experienced health care executive who had been a hospital administrator and at one time had run a large medical equipment company. Ralph had almost thirty years of experience in the health care field when he met KizAnn. He had supervised all the hiring in the hospital and medical equipment company. With her experience in providing care and Ralph's management experience, the company serviced over a hundred clients in the first year. Both partners have been recognized in the community and professional venues for their excellence in the Home Health care field. The two partners ultimately found other shared interested and have been married ever since.

Our story

KizAnn Drinosky-Zolin

KizAnn was born to her parents Brenda Joyce Drinosky and Edward Peter Drinosky on 1-18-61. She was the first of two children. Two years later, her little brother came along, Edward Peter Drinosky Jr. Life as a small child was fun for her. She has some wonderful memories of holiday meals and special memories of her father when he went hunting. She and her brother would help clean the rabbits and pheasants. They were damn good eating. She grew up in Wyandotte Michigan and went to Roosevelt High School. She was an average student and loved school. She always did her very best. She went to all the dances from 9th grade until her senior prom. "Thanks Dave," she quotes, "I'll always remember that special day. It is so very special to go to the prom with your first love. We were great dancing partners and wonderful friends."

During her senior year, she used to tell her best friend Kim and her mother that someday she was going to be president of a company and maybe be famous. They would laugh at her, and say, "Ok KizAnn, we hear ya!" Never dreaming it could really come true.

After high school she met her first husband, Roy. They had four beautiful children together. There is Roy Jr. Born in 1984, Dawn in 1985, Scott in 1987 and Cristal in 1990. They are her pride and joy. Life was never a bowl of cherries, they had a rough time, but she always managed to keep things together. She didn't always spend the most quality time with her children because she had to work. She had to support a family of six after her husband lost his job at Ford Motor Company. He became disabled and stayed at home. He watched the children while she worked.

KizAnn worked as a nurses' aide. She just loved her job helping others. She found it wonderful and rewarding. It gave her a natural high to know that she helped make somebody's day a little nicer or a bit more meaningful. She really can't explain the joy she gets from it.

Her mother taught her to respect her elders and she certainly does. She has been working with senior citizens for 20 years. She's worked in nursing homes and done private duty care in their homes. She was the number-one aide for a certain home care company and highest paid because every home she entered only wanted her. She was like Mary Poppins, spending five different nights in five different homes.

Life wasn't very kind to her. Her marriage of fourteen years was going downhill and they finally divorced. Her divorce was hard on her because she remembers how she felt when her parents divorced. At the same time, she didn't see her children much because she had to do live-in work to support the family. It paid the most. This meant that she would only see them for one or two days a week. She felt bad for the children. But through this all, she still kept holding onto her dream of starting her own company to take care of seniors in their homes the right way, and keep them out of nursing homes.

In the fall of 1997, she met a very nice gentleman named Ralph Zolin. They met again for coffee. He was very interesting and very smart. He told KizAnn that he had a Masters' Degree from Duke University in Health Care Administration, had been a hospital administrator and ran a big medical equipment company. Wow, she thought! She told him about her dream; how she wanted to help senior citizens remain cared for at home with good people caring for them. She told him she was disgusted within the way she had seen some aides treat seniors.

She and Ralph became friends and began dating. They talked about health care and how they would change it. Ralph knew how to legally start a company and offered to help her. He felt the same way she did about seniors. She noticed how gentle and caring he was. She could tell he really wanted to make a difference. It was a nice surprise. They worked on starting KizAnn HomeCare, Inc., and dated at the same time. Before the company became a reality, she asked Ralph if he would like to be a partner. She felt that he would be a wonderful asset to KizAnn HomeCare, Inc. He was very surprised and said yes. November 11, 1997, KizAnn HomeCare, Inc., was in full operation. Her dream was coming true. Now she had to tell her story and get customers. Her and Ralph became much closer. They worked well together and worked hard. They marketed together, networked together, did everything together. They worked as one. Finally, after two weeks, they got their first client. Her name was Helen; Helen we love you! They were so excited words couldn't express how she felt. Finally, all their hard work and her dreams were coming true. They were setting a new and higher standard for private duty home care.

Business really started booming in 1999. They now have seventy seven full-time employees and thirteen part-timers. Their nurses' aides are dedicated woman in their thirties and up who enjoy their jobs and get a lot of satisfaction from taking care of seniors. They have all made KizAnn HomeCare, Inc., a wonderful success. She believes in letting her employees know that she is thankful for the wonderful job they all have done. Thank you ladies!!!!! They also employ four drivers to pick up caregivers with no transportation and take them to their jobs.


Ralph Zolin

1997 to Present Vice President and Owner KizAnn Homecare Group, Inc.
Southgate, Michigan.
Co-founded and manages this highly respected home health aide company with KizAnn Drinosky-Zolin.

1996 to 1997 Administrator
MedShare; MedScan; MedTech Rehabilitation, Farmington Hills, Michigan
Second-in-command to the owner for all facets of this multi-corporate, multi-site
radiology, diagnostic imaging and physical therapy company.

1985 to 1996 Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Surgical Supply, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Responsible for management of all facets of the company. Instituted financial and managerial systems where none were in existence. Company became the largest provider of rehabilitation equipment in southeastern Michigan.

1979 to 1985 Director of Human Resources
Botsford General Hospital, Farmington Hills, Michigan
Member of upper management team responsible for developing a Human Resources function. Instituted wage and salary administration and trained management regarding employee relations.

1971 to 1977 Mental Health Specialist
University Hospital, Newark, New Jersey
Provided casework and individual, group and family therapy to psychiatric patients. Worked with a treatment team planning daily patient care on acute inpatient psychiatric unit.

Master of Health Administration
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Listed in National Who's-Who Registry

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