Kizann Home Care Company has been providing compassionate at-home patient, senior, elderly, hospice, and psychiatric care services in Metro Detroit since 1997.

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Kizann Home Care Company has been providing compassionate at-home patient, senior, elderly, hospice, and psychiatric care services in Metro Detroit since 1997.
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Psychiatric Patient Care

With over a decade of service, KizAnn Home Care has established a well-respected reputation as a private-duty nurse aide company specializing in care of the physically disabled. KizAnn Home Care also provides a mental health home care division. This division is under the direct supervision of Ralph Zolin, whose experience includes seven years as a psychiatric social worker. The mission of the mental health division is to enable patients to stay in their own homes under the supervision of our trained mental health aides. Aides are available to be present in the home from a minimum of one hour, one day a week, up to twenty four hours, seven days a week. A decision on the amount of supervision necessary is made by the patient's psychiatrist and family. KizAnn Home Care is then directed by the doctor's written prescription as to the time commitment and care objectives. KizAnn also works closely with in-home psychiatric nurses, when appropriate.

KizAnn services clients with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, suicidal behavior, and behavior problems. They combat the patient's symptoms with therapeutic interventions and prompt reporting to the doctor so that the patient's medications can be adjusted. KizAnn staff makes sure that the patient takes all of their medications, on schedule and they don't allow the patient to engage in any self-destructive behavior.

For additional peace of mind, KizAnn aides are trained to carefully observe the patient's behavior and immediately report any problematic changes to the family and/or psychiatrist. Patients are safely transported to outpatient therapy appointments or a day hospital. KizAnn staff assists with personal hygiene and housekeeping. If the patient has physical problems as well as mental health issues, we have aides available that have experience with both rehabilitation and mental health care.

For Bipolar Disorder Patients:
For withdrawn or depressed patients, we strive to get them out of bed, showered, and engaged in some type of activity. For manic patients, we keep the environment calm and soothing, and prevent impulsive behavior that may be regretted later.

For Schizophrenic Patients:
For patients who are confused or delusional, we prevent them from getting into harmful situations. If they engage in bizarre or inappropriate behavior, we manage the situation so it doesn't turn into a major problem. We encourage patients who are withdrawn to get out of bed, shower, and engage in an activity.

For Dementia or Alzheimer's Patients:
We help patients get to the bathroom regularly. For incontinent patients, we check and change them as needed. We assist them with walking and we can do very heavy transfers. We do not allow patients to wander, inside or outside, and do not let them use appliances alone. Our goal is for the patients to sleep at night and not during the day.

For Anxiety Disorders:
Our trained mental health aides can assist patients with anxiety disorders by ensuring that the patient takes the correct medication on time every day. The aide can facilitate and/or participate in any prescribed behavior modification program. They will also make sure that the patient gets to all therapy appointments. The aide helps instill self confidence in the patient by allowing them to be as independent as possible while successfully completing daily goals.

For Other Psychiatric Disorders:
We enforce the medication and treatment plan as directed by the physician, psychiatric nurse, or family.

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